Who am I ?

About Me

Hello, I'm Adunke Aneys, originally from Brazil I am a dedicated professional based in the picturesque city of Quebec, Canada. With a diverse career path, I currently serve as both a Senior Administrative Officer and a Guest Services Agent. My academic journey led me to a Bachelor's degree in International Relations from Brazil, complemented by a college degree in Bilingual Office Administration from Canada. This unique blend of education has enriched my understanding of global dynamics and honed my administrative skills.

Beyond my professional roles, I have a deep-seated passion for travel and meticulous trip planning. Whether it's exploring far-off destinations or discovering hidden gems closer to home, I find immense joy in curating memorable travel experiences. My love for travel extends to my desire to help others embark on remarkable journeys, often at minimal cost. It's a fulfilling mission that aligns perfectly with my career and personal interests.

When I'm not busy orchestrating travel adventures or managing administrative tasks, I indulge in some personal downtime. One of my cherished pleasures is enjoying a movie night, relishing the power of storytelling through film. Additionally, I have an innate wanderlust that propels me to explore new horizons, and I find solace in connecting with nature during my trips.

My ultimate goal is to empower individuals to fulfill their travel dreams while maintaining a frugal budget. Throughout my career, which has predominantly been in the role of a C-level Administrative Assistant, I've cultivated a knack for planning, organizing, and supporting others in reaching their full potential. This extends seamlessly into my passion for travel planning, where I apply the same meticulous attention to detail to ensure unforgettable experiences for others.

With a strong background in administration and a heart for wanderlust, I eagerly await opportunities to connect with fellow travelers and adventurers. Let's work together to make your travel aspirations a reality and embark on incredible journeys, all while keeping costs at a minimum."